Kevin Spacey Accused Of Groping Young Male At Famous Theater In London

Kevin Spacey is presently being blamed for supposedly grabbing a young man who worked with him at the Old Vic theater in London. More alleged victims are about to come forward according to the accuser.

More assertions of sexual misconducts arise against Kevin Spacey, 58, with a lady, Nadine West, alleging on Twitter that her friend was once allegedly “groped” by the actor whom he worked with at the Old Vic. The lady discloses that Spacey supposedly had a reputation for being “one to avoid” at the legendary theater. It’s still not clear when the alleged sexual harassment, however Spacey filled in as the artistic director of the Old Vic from 2004 to 2015.

Someone else reacted to West’s tweet, alleging that they had heard about Spacey’s claimed misconduct at Old Vic, as well. “Have heard similar from more than one source,” Jennie Rigg tweeted. “Hope more people come forward, but understand if they feel they can’t.” The new accusation come only one day after Rent and Star Trek star Anthony Rapp, 46, blamed Spacey for supposedly attempting to sexually assault him when he was only 14 years of age. Rapp claimed the incident happened at a party at Spacey’s flat — they were working on the same project then — and Spacey supposedly attempted to assault him in his bed.

Spacey released an announcement on Twitter hours after the accusation began, saying he didn’t recall that incident, however he was regretful for any “drunken” and “inappropriate” conduct that may have happened. His regret at that time veered into him turning out as a gay man, which many are criticizing as a move to divert attention far from the accusation. We have contacted Spacey’s rep for comment.

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