Michael Sorrentino Charged With Tax Fraud

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, the “Jersey Shore” star and his brother were dropped with an additional tax fraud charges on Friday after federal prosecutors said they filed fake tax returns and claimed luxury car and clothing purchases were business expenditures.

Federal prosecutors said on Friday that Michael Sorrentino was accused on charges including tax evasion, configuring bank deposits to avoid reporting necessities and fabricating records. Marc Sorrentino was charged with faking records to block a grand jury investigation.

They pleaded not guilty during the 2014 cases claiming they filed incorrect tax returns with approximately $9 million and claimed millions in personal expenses, including luxury cars and clothes, as business expenses.

Michael Sorrentino’s lawyer Henry Klingeman said his client will appear not guilty if they brothers act in court on April 17 and will “vigorously contest the allegations in court.”

Marc Sorrentino’s prosecutor did not return a phone call on Friday seeking statement.

In the overruling arraignment pronounced on Friday, Michael Sorrentino was accused with failing to file a personal tax return in 2011 and filing fake business returns for one of the businesses the brothers set up after he grew recognition on the show. Lawyers said he made several bank deposits of under $10,000 to avoid bank reporting requirements.

After the brothers were charged with grand jury subpoenas in search of records from their firms, prosecutors claim that Marc Sorrentino made-up records to reclassify taxable expenses to himself as non-taxable payments and business deductions.

Both of them will receive a five-year imprisonment sentence on the accessory charge they face if proven guilty, and Marc Sorrentino might end up with up to 20 years imprisonment.

Michael Sorrentino was present on all six seasons of the MTV reality TV show “Jersey Shore.” It charted the lives of a group of young Italian-Americans at a house on New Jersey’s famed Atlantic shore, and ran for 3 years from 2009 to 2012.


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